jordan-of-through-all-agesHello!  I’m glad that you have stopped to visit my website! My name is Jordan Jachim; I am 22 years old and proud to be a homeschool graduate.  I started Through All Ages LLC in 2014  and I still do every task, from designing the paper soldiers to packaging your order for shipping. I love history and I am excited to share that love with you!


The Story of Through All Ages LLC

Even before I started kindergarten, I loved history.  I was happy reading books and studying paintings. This love stayed with me throughout my school years. I began to create posters and calendars for myself just for fun. From there, it was an easy transition to creating them for sale.  I am especially pleased to offer hand-crafted paper soldiers because I loved to cut out similar soldiers when I was younger.


What We Offer

  • Through All Ages creates historical posters, postcards, and paper soldiers.
  • The postcards use beautiful paintings and inspirational quotes.
  • The posters offer a visually pleasing way to learn an overview of a particular event.
  • Each paper soldier books are meticulously researched and contain about 40-50 figures in every book (Robin Hood and Treasure Island contain less because of trees and gold, respectively).
  • All our products are made and printed in the U.S.A.  Supporting this business is supporting domestic enterprise and entrepreneurship!
  • Do you have an idea for a new product?  I always love new ideas!  Look under the “Contact” tab to find out how to contact me.


What Uses Do These Products Have?

  • Our postcards can be framed or sent to a friend through the mail.
  • Our posters give a visually beautiful overview of a historic era or person and can supplement any history curriculum.
  • Our paper soldiers can create dioramas, build large armies for wargames, and give a picture of what the soldiers of an era looked like.
  • And of course, all our products make great gifts for people who love history!


What Else Do I Do?

When not busy with Through All Ages, I study for a Bachelor’s Degree in History and also work at a local historical museum.  I enjoy writing and blog at (mostly writing historical studies).  I also blog at, which is a gallery of my hand-painted plastic soldiers.