This is an illustrated guide to assembling the chariot included in Boudicca’s Rising Paper Soldiers.  First, cut out all the pieces and glue the pieces which are printed on both sides (horses, chariot sides, and wheels).  Once they are dry, you are ready to build!

Step #1: Assemble the two horses and attach them to their bases.img_9144


Step #2: Glue the sides of the chariot together, then attach them to the chariot base.  Glue the side tabs underneath the base, rather than on top for a neater look.img_9140


Step #3: Attach the axle housing to the bottom of the chariot.  Make sure to give the glue for this piece time to dry (now is a good time to cut out some figures to ride in it).img_9141


Step #4: Attach one wheel to an axle (such as a straw), thread the axle through the housing attached in Step #3, then attach the other wheel to the other end of the axle.  You may want to cut flaps out of the straw so that they can be folded and attached to the wheel more easily.  A hot glue gun works best to attach the wheels.  The picture shows what it should look like when both wheels are attached.img_9146


Step #5: Your chariot should now look like this.img_9147


Step #6: Fold the “arms” of the chariot hitching around the horses’ middles and glue.  Glue the inside first, fold it around the horse, then glue the outside.img_9150

Step #7: The entire assembly should now look like this.  The center yoke hitching the two horses can be left flat, or folded slightly down (as shown on the far horse).img_9148

Step #8: Glue the tab and hitching to the chariot you finished in Step #5.  It should now look like the picture.img_9151

Step #9: Congratulations!  You have finished assembling a Celtic war chariot.  Let the battle begin!img_9152I hope these instructions have been helpful to you!  If you find anywhere my description has been unclear, or if you have other questions, please leave them in the comments section or use the “Contact Us” page.  Have fun!