American Revolution Battle of Cowpens Paper Soldiers


The battle of Cowpens was an American victory and a turning point in the American Revolution.  Recreate it with this book of 45 soldiers!

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Even though it was a small battle, the Battle of Cowpens may have been the most devastating British defeat in the American Revolution.  Daniel Morgan with an army of militia and Continentals defeated feared British cavalryman Banastre Tarleton.  Recreate this battle with this book of 45 paper soldiers!  13 Continental soldiers, 10 militia, and 4 cavalrymen make up the American army.  They are opposed by 14 men of the 7th Royal Fusiliers and 4 cavalrymen of Tarleton’s British Legion.  Bases are marked with national flags, so that there is no confusion in the heat of battle!


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