American Revolution Lexington & Concord Paper Soldiers


Recreate the “shot heard ’round the world” with this book of paper soldiers!  46 British redcoats and American minutemen are included.

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Recreate the first battles of the American Revolution with this book of paper soldiers!  This book contains 46 figures in all, 2 of which are mounted on horses.

A mounted Major John Pitcairn of the British Marines commands 18 elite light infantrymen of the 5th, 10th, and 23rd Regiments of Foot.  They are opposed by Captain John Parker and Drummer William Diamond with 24 minutemen.  The minutemen are armed with French and British muskets, pistols, and even a blunderbuss.  Of course, Lexington would not be complete without Paul Revere to warn the minutemen that “the British are coming!”  Bases are included, marked with national flags so that there is no confusion between armies in the heat of battle!

As featured in Home School Enrichment Magazine!



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