Boudicca’s Rising Paper Soldiers


Recreate the clash of Celtic warriors under Queen Boudicca against Roman legionaries!  36 figures and a two-horse chariot are included.

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In 61 A.D., Queen Boudicca pleaded with other Celtic tribes to unite and drive the arrogant Romans into the sea.  She gained two massive victories and destroyed the Roman settlement of Londinium (London), but was brought to battle and defeated.

This book of paper soldiers includes 18 fierce Celtic warriors under Queen Boudicca, whose name means “Victory”.  They are opposed by 18 disciplined Roman legionaries armed with pila (javelins) and gladii (short swords) under a centurion.  For even more ancient action, a three-dimensional Celtic chariot is also included!  (Directions on how to assemble it can be found at

This book measures 8.5″x11″, and contains 12 pages of figures and bases.  Historical information about the Celts and Romans is included on the back cover.  The sample plate shows six Roman legionaries in full armor, ready for battle.


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