French & Indian War Battle of Carillon Paper Soldiers


Recreate this battle from the French & Indian War with our book of paper soldiers!  42 figures include 21 kilted Highlanders and 21 French soldiers.

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On July 8, 1758, the British attempted to capture the French-held Fort Carillon.  The French manned a line of entrenchments outside the fort and stopped the British attempts to break through.  In this battle, the 42nd Highlanders almost gained the victory for the British, but the French drove them back and won the day.

Recreate this battle with this book of 42 paper soldiers!  21 kilted Highlanders of the 42nd “Black Watch” Highlanders charge into the ranks of 21 French soldiers of the Regiment Bearn.  Each side’s bases are marked with a national flag, so there is no confusion between sides in the heat of battle!


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