French & Indian War Braddock’s British Army Paper Soldiers


Fight alongside George Washington as he and General Braddock seek to defeat the French and capture Fort Duquense!  42 British and colonial paper soldiers are included.

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In 1755, a young George Washington accompanied the British army under General Braddock as they sought to capture Fort Duquense from the French.  The British were defeated by the French and Native Americans and Braddock was killed, but Washington managed to escape alive.  42 figures are included, drawn from Halkett’s 44th and Dunbar’s 48th Regiments, a New York Independent Company, and Stewart’s Light Horse, a unit of colonial cavalry.  General Braddock and George Washington, mounted on horses, command this army.  Bases are marked with a Union Jack so that there is no confusion between sides in the heat of battle!


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